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Do we care so little about our country's future?

With all this imigration talk, and the mexican president mocking our country in public saying, " wherever there is a mexican is mexico". and american business owners in florida being thrown out of the stores they are leasing because they dont speak spanish, do we just not care about what our country is going to be like in 10 yrs., or what about 100? Didnt we fight tooth and nail to make this country what it is? why are we allowing a silent take over? If your not following me, try this: go down to mexico, not legally of course, and try to mooch off of their government, without paying any taxes. and see where you get. this is not against legal immigration, but shouldnt we be screening potential citizens of this great county to weed out all the bad guys?

Do we care so little about our country's future?
I care and you care it is our president who does not seem to care, since he is the one allowing all this to happen by not enforcing our immigration laws, securing our borders and now allowing Mexico's trucks to travel in the US
Reply:hate to say it but most americans are just to busy worrying about paying their bills, and really don`t give a crap about any futures besides their own, and every one pays sales tax even if they arn`t paying income taxes. do you pay income taxes when your in another country? i think not!. and what happened to the idea that we`re a big melting pot, those mexicans you hate so much are probley picking about 50% of the food you put on your table because the lazy white kids are to busy getting drunk and high and playing video games. and how about those people who don`t even pay them minimum wage, i`ve lost a few jobs that paid good money because they could pay a mexican under the table for less than half the price i was making, who`s at fault their not the mexican guy who replaced me, face it americans are screwing each other over not the mexicans. and how hard is it to hire a spanish speaking person to mind the store? get off the bigot box dude. they want you to focus on the mexican people and blame them, while they stick their hands in your pensions and wallets and rob you blind
Reply:When talking about the future remember THE DEBT that's the real threat. If America doesn't wake up soon your children and their children will be paying for our mistakes.
Reply:The professional politicians, and criminal element in and out of government don't care about the future of America. They use the blessings God bestowed upon America to enrich themselves with total disregard for the fatal consequences.

This is the result of turning our backs (nationally speaking) on God and doing things "our way". If voting changed things it would be illegal. Public service is a brief civic duty, not a career. Never re-elect anyone.
Reply:English IS the American National language. For a business owner to be shut sown in one of our States is horrindous,and unexceptable. I love this country with all my heart, as should any human living in their own country. America is a land of opportunity. Our ancestors came from a different land at one time or another to enrich their lives and their families. Unfortunately over the years, lawyers, the ACLU,, and other like groups have decided that all are deemed to live here, legal or not. Our system AND taxes pay for schooling, medical needs, and the suing rights, at the American tax payers dollar, to give those who aren't legally documented the right just because they are on American soil. They break our laws, and then rather then be sent 'home', they are let back out on the streets to break MORE laws. We need prisons, and a better policing system. The terrorists who planned to blow up innocent people in other countries are CAUGHT becasue other counties HAVE survalence cameras, but here in America, most seem to think it's an invasion of their rights. If they do nothing wrong, what's their problem? They save lives, and catch those who do or want to do harm to us. Darn right we need more and better survailence all across our great land, to protect our innocent children and citizens, to protect our cities, bridges, trains, airplanes and now our Ferry system. We HAVE to stay vigilant people. A call to 911 normanlly sorts things out. But wouldn't you feel bad if you saw something out of the ordinaty, didn't call, and something happened as bad or worse then 9/11?? If we don't step up now, in 10 or even 100 years, we won't BE America as we know it today. The American flag won't be flying over out US Capital, but one that is proof of evil and corruption. Don't allow the liberal left to use scare tactics on you, don't allow them to "sit and talk" to those who hate us because of our Freedoms, to have a sit down discussion over tea and bon bons. America is at war, and from 1979 on, it's only been the brave hearted GOP who has gone after those who do harm to us. My military son {12 years now, in SPECIAL FORCES} told me it's us against them. If we don't stand up for our beliefs now, we're woosies. You want America better in 10 years? Stay the course, fight global terrorism, {which IS of satan} and PRAY for our leaders to be directed from above. From my pespective, liberals are weak and flip flopping runners, who want abortions, sanctuary cities to HIDE illegals, and gay marraige. Exactly why God flooded the earth. No one listened. He won't flood the earth again, as promised in the RAINBOW, but the signs are upon us now to get right with God, because He is just about fed up for the last time with our evil living. I'm no Pastor, nor do I attend church, { as my body IS the church, as is yours}, but I read the word, interpet it, and DO know right from wrong. It's Gods way or the hell way. Worried about 10 years or 100? No, I have faith in kowing I watch around me, I report people, and most importantly, I know God does in fact, HAVE THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS~~~Oh, and darn right, we did and ARE fightng tooth and nail for our freedoms..Now tell a liberal to shuddup, don't make Al Gore rich by buying PHONEY carbon off sets, as he fly's around in his private jet, to not use more then one sheet of TP, and don't support the Hollywood WACKOS. It just makes them richer to give to the libreal elite, who have done NOTHING to improve the safety of America, and NEVER WILL. Dem's have changed..leaning FAR LEFT, and suck up to Obam~O~Bamaramma and Hillarious. NEITHER have a record that qualify them for the presidents seat, other then LIES AND NEW TAXES! Doesn't our 52 percent we pay enough? Pure and simple truth folks. We NEED PERMINANT TAX CUTS!! No spin here...A dem gets in the White House, and we'll have more terror in America from Al Queda then you know..WHY? Because the libs will take our guns, our liberties and freedoms away. Yep, even take FROM you to give to those who have little, because they didn't work HARD for what they have...OR WANT. They know the Government will give it to them..all at OUR EXSPENCE. Is this what you want in NOT EVEN 10 years?? I want survailance, and I want it NOW.

God, please, BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOTE REPUBLICAN for the future of America. Shut up the Micheal Moores, George Soro's and the left winged libbies. It's more important NOW then it EVER HAS BEEN in our history !!

acne scar

Can any of the Democrats stop Hilary Clinton from getting the party's nomination?

I'm not saying that its a cake walk to the White House. The GOP will rally around whoever they choose and fight tooth and nail.

But it really seems like there is nothing can stop Hilary Clinton from becoming the Democratic party's nominee. Or is there?

Is there any chance that she will lose? And if she does, will she possibly be someone elses VP nominee?

Can any of the Democrats stop Hilary Clinton from getting the party's nomination?
Believe it or not, we still have a long way to go to election day. A lot can happen between now and then to make or break a candidate. Personally, I'm leaning toward Hillary, but I'm not decided yet and it will probably be a long time before I do decide.
Reply:Seriously, not even DEMOCRATS want Clinton.

And thats really sad on her part.
Reply:Only the smart dems will stop her. As an avid Conservative, I could almost deal w/ her as VP but not Hail to the Chief!
Reply:If she does, she will be owned by any republican party candidate.

What happend to it?

I was trying to get my neice upstairs because she has to go to bed. and she was fighting me tooth and nail. And i dont know what happend. but when i came down stairs i noticed that this spot by my pinkie toe hurts when i touch it and its red. what could of happend to it?

What happend to it?
Could be that you bumped it while distracted by your niece. Keep an eye on it. If it is displaced or swollen in the AM you may want to have it examined to see if it is broken. Really, they won't do much for a broken pinky toe other than tape it to the toe next to it. Put ice on it. Then, you could go ahead and tape it to the toe neck to it to imobilize it if that makes it feel better.
Reply:maybe it's a bug bite, or you stubbed it, or your niece did it lol
Reply:oh my. you obviously stubbed your toe and didn't notice because you were so busy with your niece.

Word puns #2.....?

* The professor discovered that her theory of earthquakes was on shaky ground.

* The dead batteries were given out free of charge.

* If you take a laptop computer for a run you could jog your memory.

* A dentist and a manicurist fought tooth and nail.

* What's the definition of a will? (It's a dead giveaway)

* A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired.

* Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

* A backward poet writes inverse.

* In a democracy it's your vote that counts; In feudalism, it's your

count that votes.

* A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.

* If you don't pay your exorcist, you can get repossessed.

* With her marriage she got a new name and a dress.

* Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft And I'll show you A-flat miner.

* When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds.

* The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine Was fully recovered.

Word puns #2.....?
♥ it lol
Reply:Not bad!

Do Christians enjoy hating themselves?

The very basic belief in Christianity is that humans are born sinful and therefore by default assigned to Hell because the first man and woman (Adam %26amp; Eve) broke the single rule god gave them thus introducing sin into the world.

In modern times most resonable people acknowledge the story of Adam and Eve as what it really is, a myth. Scientifically we know it's not true that people were created as they exist today 6,000 years ago. We instead evolved from other species millions of years ago.

Many Christians, despite the evidence for the reality of our situation, still cling to this myth as a truth and will fight tooth and nail anyone who disagrees with them on this point. Since this story tells us that we are evil dispicable creatures by default because of the actions of our first anscestors, and we can show quite clearly that this story is false, wouldn't that be good news? It means we aren't automatically evil. That's a good thing, why fight it?

Do Christians enjoy hating themselves?
Yes, but they prefer to hate others.
Reply:Do you enjoy hating Christians? You wrote to me in an email that religion is the cause of so much hatred. I countered that it's INTOLERANCE that's to blame. Your question doesn't seem very tolerant to me ....... Report It

Reply:With the first answer.
Reply:Have you ever tried flogging yourself? Me neither.

I guess some people think it feels good.

Either that or they just wouldn't know what to do otherwise.
Reply:They don't....why is it that all of you so called "Atheists" spend such an inordinate ammount of time in the religion and spirituality categories trying to convince yourselves that you are right and we are wrong what the H do YOU care WHAT others believe?
Reply:can i ask you a question and be sure to answer why are you so agiants christains
Reply:no,but they love forgive them
Reply:"We aren't automatically evil"? Wake up!! Which world are YOU living in?
Reply:Man broke the rules right from the start and still does. Look around, do you see perfect people. No we are much more rational than you because we see what you refuse to admit. That you are not perfect, how arrogant.Go to work and break rules see how long you work there.
Reply:Oy, here we go again.

You ask "why fight it?" Because evolution isn't the truth; in fact, it's still labled as a "theory," even by the scientific community.

Our beliefs are based on faith. If you don't have faith, why not leave those of us alone who do?

Reply:I don't totally disagree with you, but what if there is a super natural being, a God, you will surely go to hell as will I. I've had a problem with these stories for years but I don't try to sway others or have them sway me. Just hope Hell isn't a real place.
Reply:What is so wrong with people who cling to faith in order for them to have love, joy and peace? Science is cynical when it comes to love.. Does science fear love? We are primitive minded no matter how much we evolved from other species. Why fight faith of others...
Reply:blah blah blah.... same 'ol same 'ol

FREE 250,000!!! if you can give definitive proof of evolution.....

I always hear people say Scientifically, but no one EVER elaborates... so it turns into your thoughts verses mine.
Reply:I love the fact that no human being has ever seen firsthand the influx of new genetic information into any living organism (something essential to Evolution), and yet people like the poster of this question continue to refer to Evolutionists as more "resonable" than Christians.

It is indeed sad what passes for reason these days.

So do Christians enjoy hating themselves? Of course not, and to think so is sheer lunacy. One loves himself despite his own flaws; that is part of having a "self." And yet, if he is clear-sighted about himself, he will not only see his inherent evil, but will wish he could get rid of it. If he is arrogant, however, he will assume that he isn't inherently evil and will thus wish everyone else would stop being so much more inherently evil than he is. If only they'd just be "resonable," he says...
Reply:Actually, it is "A" very basic belief in Christianity that we are sinful creatures. Not "THE". But here is what you COULD call "THE" basic belief of Christianity: Jesus Christ came to save us. Yes, we are sinners, and are destined towards hell. But only by our choice. We don't have to be. Christ Jesus, the Son of God, provides a way for us to be saved from the punishment of our sins. And hate myself? I am certainly prone to sin, but the old has passed away, and all has become new. I can still sin, but no longer am I subject to it. Also, as another answerer pointed out, evolution is a THEORY. Not truth. Evolution is simply man's way trying to explain away God through fallible theories. Also, perhaps you don't realize that it take more faith --in the wrong thing-- to believe in evolution and scientist's speculation than to believe what God, who created all things and, obviously, WAS there at the beginning, said in His Word. God bless!
Reply:Christians do not hate themselves. If you would survey them, you would find, like most people, that most feel that they are good and worthy of love. However, I agree that Paul and Augustine seemed to be conflicted.

Honestly and factually, a stupid question based on your own personal prejudices!

flip flop style

If America is 'the land of the free' why?

does this nation have such a very noted history of denying rights to certain minority groups (blacks, native Americans, Latinos, Asians, women, no particular order) and eventual backtracking on previous generations assertions (with the exception of gays at this moment) that such groups either intrinsically had no rights in this country to begin with because of Constitutional interpretation or religious doctrine, when the VERY BASIC foundation of America was of freedom of religious presecution and to be able to live life to the fullest so long as it did NOT intentionally and/or maliciously interfere with such implied rights of others? How is America 'the land of the free' when every minority in this country has had to FIGHT tooth and nail to not be persecuted? Why is this different today with the Mexicans and gays? Save your tired, Michigan militia ignorant answers, I am asking people who TRULY have a non-ignorant answer to this.

If America is 'the land of the free' why?
because the usa is too big to be run as one single country. look at it you have 50 country sized areas all run by the same 1 person. im not trying to p*** people off just being honest. i think that the people would be happier if each state was turned into sepearte countries and run by their own presidents. this way more people would be happy and the minorities would have more of a say as they % of each would be closer to equal.

what the hell is the guy above me talking about he posted his answer 2 hours before me so how can he aim any thing at me

what an idiot
Reply:No. It's the land of "don't step out of line."
Reply:because in this country MAJORITY RULES.nowadays minorities want to make all the rules and if you dont like it you are a racist.
Reply:I just read an article about how the government is looking into everyones financial statements in the name of "counter-terrorism."

I just thank god I live in China. At least here with 1.2 billion people, no one cares what everyone else is up to.
Reply:The Persecution of the Mormons: During the 19th century, the newly formed Mormon religion encountered significant persecution.
Reply:Wonderful Question. I have been asking these questions for a while now, but what you get are a people who are generally too ashamed or too stupid, especially the so called 'African American' to face the facts of the matter.
Reply:Actually it's the majority of the land owners. That's what the were talking about in the Constitution. This country started with slave ownership of all races. The fact that all the major land owners where white made seem racist but really it's economically racist.
Reply:excuse me but I think that America is a country with no history and culture. Europe life is famous for thousands of years. In America everithing is sinthethic, no quality of life - just working in McDonalds
Reply:The majority doesn't rule my friend(aimed at the person below)! This isn't a democracy!!! If it were Gore would be president right now because Bush sure lost the popular vote in that election!

It is a little different, but how our Constitution get's interpreted is by a buncg of WASPS who were appointed for a reason. Seven out of 9 on the Supreme Court were appointed by Republicans, 4 by the Bush's!

We have a president who thinks he is above the law and the Constitution, who just told Congress that he didn't care what the Patriot Act said!! He now has to go before the House Judiciary committee!!

Abyone who reads the Constitution knows that it is color and Gender blind, but each had to fight for a Constitutional Amendment!

Think you are free, loose your job or don't pay your house tax payments on the house you own and see what happens!. Truth is, you don't own a damn thing!

The land of opportunity is nothing more than a nightmare for most in this country!
Reply:And what nation does not have issues with altruistic treatment of ALL its citizens? The nice thing about the US Constitution (and a few others in the world that are similar) is that it provides a framework in which to "try" to achieve freedoms for all. Still, freedom for one person is not feedom for another - so laws exist that try in effect to manage the freedoms so the greatest number benefit from some level of security or "pursuit of happiness". Anytime you have two or more people in involved, there will be conflicts. American politics is particulary noisy and messy - but it is generally in the open for full debate in the media as well as in the "house of the people" - the congress and the senate. As administrations go, it is seldom that more than 10% of the people are in full agreement with any given president. The remaining 41% required for a majority are enough in partial agreement tht 51% can move policy in their preferred direction. I see some complaints about Bush. This is nothing new. Presidents who make very hard decisions are often villified. Lincoln was also one of those who drove the national discussion to venomous debate (yes even very much so in the North among his fellow Republicans who wanted all men to be treated as free under the constitution). Jefferson was severely hated by Adams and they only regained their old friendship as they lay dying. Clinton was elected in 1992 with barely over 40% popular vote but that is how the system works and third parties (like Perot's) can create the circumstances that allow such anamolies. Yes, Ameirica is the land of the FREE. Every year, the goals of the constitution are tested and more often than not - giving greater freedoms to more people. Some people do confuse freedom for Americans with freedoms for people who are not Americans within our borders, but they need to understand that we are a nation with borders for reasons that are beneficial to all the CITIZENS.

For those of you afraid of illegal immigrants taking your jobs...?

What are you doing about companies sending jobs overseas?

It's kind of funny and sad at the same time... you're busy fighting tooth and nail over what... some jobs working the drive-thru and picking produce in the fields that hardly pay anything... while more high-paying hi-tech jobs are being sent overseas to places like India, China, and (ironically) Mexico. They're willing to work for less too.

Yes, illegal immigrants cost money for education, health care, and welfare, but you're also forgetting that many pay taxes for things like social security which they themselves will never be able to benefit from.

Meanwhile, workers overseas don't take those kind of benefits, but they also don't pay into them either.

Which is a bigger loss? Micky D's or IBM? You're fighting the wrong battle, if it's jobs you're worried about.

For those of you afraid of illegal immigrants taking your jobs...?
Welcome to the real world nothing is certian, and life too short too worry about outsourcing, and most jobs that dont get outsourced are service jobs that are needed in the local economy. Illegals supplement contractors lacking willing to bodies to do some contruction projects, and if Mexicans are heading home quicker than usual without deportation the American economy in for a rude awaking. The illegal know when a recession hits before the rest of the public because business like cut them first. China, and India will take more jobs and a lot them are gonna be higher paying, and higher education is not desgined for the local economy where 85% cant be outsourced necessary. College system needs a shakedown, and needs stop brain washing people in marxist instead teach them how to think critically.
Reply:Who's to say we can't fight both battles. The bottom line is criminals who sneak into our country shouldn't be rewarded and I don't want someone whose first action in my country is illegal to become a fellow American.
Reply:whats funny and sad is the company's that are moving is only moving because of the cheap wages they will pay. now who's laughing at who? hahahahahahahaha. remember it's all about MONEY!!!!!!
Reply:Very good point, We need to be fighting both. We also may be to the point where we must also start looking at making our wages and benefits more realistic in order to compete in the world. Is our greed taking us out of the competition? Can we survive if we continue to loose jobs?
Reply:Illegal immigrants do not pay social security. They're paid in cash under the table. You need a social security number to pay into the system. I am fighting the battle overseas as I'm sick of calling "American" companies and getting someone in India whom I can hardly understand. I demanded to speak to a supervisor in the U.S. to complain and got someone in Canada.
Reply:I don't have a answer to your question but it seems to me that you have some dislike of the USA. Here is a suggestion. If you dislike the USA and are not here, then don't come. If you dislike the USA and are here illegally, go home and make your country a better place. If you dislike the USA and are a citizen, then quit complaining and help make the USA a better place. You are free to leave the country at any time if you don't like it.

"What a country, AMERICA!!!!"

Why is my response not intelligent? Because you don't agree with it. LOL

Also, the amount of taxes paid by illegal invaders pales in comparision to the amount they consume just in medical care and eduction alone.
Reply:First off the question shows a lack of understanding about some basic economic principles. You are right about them taking low end jobs mostly,however if you throw in enough people willing to accept lower wages,a lower standard of living etc. you can depress wages across the board. That is evidenced in the construction trades especially,during the time when construction is on a historic surge,when skilled workers are in demand and should be at a premium the fact is that wages are stagnant. But just go ahead and believe what you will,even if it's not even loosely based in reality.

Reply:Your attempt to divert our attention is transparent and ineffective. I'll decide which battles I fight, thank you very much. And the battle right now is with the Mexican invaders.

It's time those people learned you don't get help by trashing the people who could help you.

Reply:and thos ssn numbers there using belong to other people and it puts there live in turmoil.....are you saying thats ok ? there paying taxes by stealing an idenity what the fu$k are you thinking.
Reply:I agree with you totally.But I have a personal vote in all this illegal and non illegal crap floating around recently.My husband came here from Mexico 9yrs ago on a 3mo. visa.He never went back.Yeah,it was wrong but not the worst crime he could've commited.Now we are going through the immigration process and are almost done.But for years he has paid his taxes(more than $100.00 a week).True he has a ssecurity card and does recieve his refund at the end of the year.But many do not.They (illegals) work for the whole year paying into something they never can use.And for those unintelligent people who assume all illegals work "under the table",they are wrong.I would say that the majority now do work in places of business that take out taxes,real ss# or not.What most ppl don't get is that the government recieve their money off of any ss#.And actually they get more b/c these ppl can't claim anything they put in.

And you are right.Not many americans even want to work at mcdonalds or in migrant camps.Furthermore we americans don't event like to get dirty if we don't have to.So.if all the illegals were sent back to their prospective countries,most americans wouldn't even want the jobs they left behind.

My husband got lucky and immigration gave him his ss# when he came here.He's always worked with his own.But until he gets officially legal,he would never get to claim his social security or disability should he need it.I'm sure any american would want their benefits that they've paid into for years and would complain strongly if they couldn't receive them.But most illegals accept this and keep working.So thats less money the government has to dish out.
Reply:That's what I am talking about. Smart vision.
Reply:Thank you...very well stated. I am for controlled immigration into this country. In order to do that it starts with our borders.

Then, by allowing temporary workers in on a temporary basis, no renewals. And thirdly, If a temporary worker decides they would like to become an American citizen, then they would have to undergo a process leading to that citizenship, not given automatic. Meanwhile our country needs to wake-up and smell the constant job loss due to the exporting of America.
Reply:i just simple don't get it why Mexicans are deciding what America need's?

we have a government and it is there job to decide what America need's

please Mexicans stop deciding for us
Reply:Most people arent concerned about losing jobs to illegals, some are concerned about illegals bringing wages down..but most of us just dont want to pay for the compulsive breeders medical bills..or the special ed ESL programs for their kids

They also make $ here only to send it to mehico...we lose $ right there

What part of *illegal* do u not understand??
Reply:Two different issue , two different fights. It's the illegal part that bugs most of us. If someone want to live here and work here, why not do it legally ? As far as the jobs going to other countries, there are still many high paying jobs in America. It is a new concept these days we have to earn the business. Companies go overseas because other Governments pay them to come since these Socialistic Governments at least partially own the business so less chance of loss for the business.
Reply:I do not think that most people in the U.S. think that illegals are taking their jobs, but they are keepings wages down and keeping U.S. citizens that work blue collar jobs in poverty. Not to mention the constant drain on tax payers. You seem to think that because someone is using a SS# that they paid for that it is OK. They are getting screwed by not receiving benefits that others would be entitled to. Wake up.......Benefits are for citizens and legal immigrants. Your husband is not entitled to anything just because he made his way to the U.S. What about the people that really OWN the SS# your husband is STEALING. This is causing a great problem for them, it is identity theft. You are probably causing some other person to have to pay more taxes because the income you have made is added to theirs which would put them in a higher tax bracket. Not to mention whatever else your doing with their SS#, screwing up their credit etc. Actually when they find an illegal using someone else's SS# they should arrest them, charge them with identity theft therefore giving them a criminal record and then deport them from the US along with their wife and children. If the children are born to illegal immigrants they should not be given citizenship and should be deported along with their parents. With the criminal record they should not be allowed back into the country or even considered for amnesty or citizenship.

My husband who is a legal Latino immigrant says they should tattoo the word DEPORTED or NO US for those that can't speak English right on their foreheads so if they sneak back in no one will hire them.
Reply:You're apparently making the assumption that the jobs being sent overseas are paying the same money as they would in the U.S. - they're not. That's the point of sending them out of the country in the first place.

The only illegal immigrants that I can think of that would be paying Social Security are the ones with stolen identities. And your allusion that these illegals are paying in more than they're costing us is against common knowledge. Don't forget that the workers doing jobs for American companies overseas are paying whatever taxes their respective countries make them pay. It has nothing to do with paying taxes to America. You need to study up on your Macro Economics because nearly everything you're saying goes against them.

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